History of the Kingdom of Fergus

The Kingdom of Fergus was founded on February 25, 2007, the birthday of its sovereign, Ben I. Its establishment reflects his majesty’s interest in the global micronationalist community. As a graduate student at Wichita State University, the king (Bennie Lee Ferguson) authored a Master’s thesis entitled “What Is a Nation: The Micronationalist Challenge…,” one of the few serious academic words addressing the legitimate political, legal and cultural issues encompassed by the micronationalist phenomenon. The kingdom’s establishment was in part, an attempt by Ferguson to interact with other contemporary micronationalists as one of their own.

The Kingdom of Fergus was originally located on a parcel of land on the outskirts of the city of Hutchinson, Kansasland, which Ferguson inherited from Alberta, the late Queen Mother (see photograph of original royal family). In September of 2012, the kingdom annexed territory on the banks of the Arkansas River which became the Queen’s Tryst Protectorate. The Fergusian state experimented with various government instruments, including a prototype monetary unit called the Davelar, as well as plans to mint specie, produce postage stamps, and issue passports. A flag was chosen which features the traditional scottish Ferguson family coat of arms and the motto, “Dulcius ex Asperis” (“Sweeter after Difficulties”).

kof flag

The kingdom established tentative diplomatic and cultural relationships with other contemporary micronations. His Excellency President Kevin Baugh of theRepublic of Molossia was interviewed and consulted in regard to Ferguson’s thesis. Marquess Bo Server of the Dominion of British West Florida also made contributions. A copy of the thesis was bequeathed to the library of Cato Island’s Gay and Lesbian Kingdom, whose administrator, Jason Alexander, responded with a collection of GLK postage stamps. The government of thePrincipality of Seborga, provided documents detailing that nation’s history. During a visit to Israel in November of 2007, the Fergusian King and Queen Mother met briefly with President Eli Avivi in Akhzivland, a tiny micronation on the shores of the Mediterannean Sea, (see photographys of Ben I and Queen Mother Alberta in Akhzivland).

In 2010 the king was invited by Dr. Judy Lattas of Macquerie University to a micronationalist conference in Sydney, Australia. Although unable to attend, the king provided Dr. Lattas with information and visual aids which were featured at the conference, as well as his thesis. The king is anxious to attend the forthcoming convention to be held in Los Angeles in 2015.

The land upon which the Kingdom of Fergus was founded was lost to the royal family in the spring of 2012. The kingdom continues to declare its sovereignty over the Queen’s Tryst Protectorate but is unable to maintain a presence there. At the current time the royal family has become diasporic and maintains an official residence in Chicago, IL. Given their penchant for relocation, there have been discussions within the royal family regarding the creation of a non-territorial state similar to that envisioned by the Von Na movement of the late 20th century. Consternation over the loss of the ancestral Fergusian homeland was compounded by the royal family’s grief over the death of Queen Mother Alberta on September 18, 2012 at the age of 80.

Within the space of two years the fledgling kingdom found itself virtually without territory and without its matriarch. This adversity was offset by the birth of the king’s first grandchild. On February 2, 2014 Princess Eleanor Ray was born to Crown Prince David and his consort Duchess Amanda.

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Kingdom of Fergus Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Kingdom of Fergus Celebrates Anniversary

(Kingdom of Fergus News Service)-The Kingdom of Fergus celebrates the first anniversary of its founding on February 25, 2008. (This is also the birth date of monarch Benjamin I). Surrounded by the city of Hutchinson, Kansas in the United States of America, its founder and monarch was inspired to establish the kingdom as a result of graduate studies at Wichita State University in connection with micropatrology. The monarch is currently writing a master’s thesis on this subject.Historical highlights of the tiny kingdom’s first year include:*On March 31, the Kingdom annexed territory on the Arkansas River, designating it as the Queen’s Tryst Protectorate. The protecorate’s most prominent landmark was the legendary “Passion Tree” (also known informally as “Bennie’s Tree”). The Passion Tree was destroyed during a recent ice storm. Queen’s Tryst Protectorate is the only territory on which Fergusian military forces have ever been deployed. On several occasions during 2008, Queen Benelea repelled instruders from the protectorate.

*The establishment of a joint tenancy agreement between the monarch and Queen Mother Alberta, ensuring the control of the royal family over the Kingdom in perpetuity, was concluded. The agreement is celebrated as the first Fergusian national holiday on April 19.

*Owing in part to economic constraints, the Kingdom’s issuance of government instruments has been very limited. To date, a Fergusian flag has been designed and produced and flies proudly over the royal palace. A prototype of the basic Fergusian monetary unit, the Davelar, has also been designed, but is not currently in circulation. The government hopes to issue passports, stamps, currency, and specie this year.

*On April 24, the monarch issued a dual citizenship proclamation. Under this arrangement, the Fergusian head of state filed with theFederal Election Commission as the first official transgendered U.S. presidential candidate. In the persona of Bennie Lee “Ben” Ferguson, the monarch continues to campaign for this office. (More information is to be found at: www.politicalgateway.ferg.com .)

*The Kingdom of Fergus has come to enjoy a cordial relationship with three other micronations in particular, those being the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of Cato Island, the Republic of Molossia, and the Dominion of British West Florida. During 2008, the Fergusian monarch engaged in extensive correspondence with the heads of state and government officials of these nations, including GLK administrator Jason Alexander, His Excellency President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, and the Marquess of Mobile. Additionally, the monarch’s first face-to-face meeting with another micronationalist head of state occurred in November during a brief meeting with President Eli Avivi of Akhzivland as part of a royal tour of the Middle East and Europe.

*A staunch supporter of the American military, the Fergusian monarch was photographed in September inspecting Bradley fighting vehicles as a guest of the Kansas National Guard.

The Fergusian monarch expresses gratitude to all of those who have shown interest in and supported the Kingdom during its inaugural year. Much has yet to be accomplished, but Fergusians quote with pride their national motto “Dulcius Ex Asperis” (“Sweeter After Difficulties”) and look forward to the Kingdom’s second year.